Vetrei - Ensuring Your Success

Welcome to Vetrei, Inc.

Vetrei, a private technology management firm, helps clients develop growth strategies through marketing, business, and financial planning. We assist in the execution of these plans by developing alliances, collateral, financial resources, and staffing. Vetrei also contributes to competitive analysis, new product launch, capital raising, and the evaluation of emerging technologies and intellectual property.

Vetrei is also an independent industry analyst firm covering the Information Technology industry. We perform in-depth, substantive analysis of emerging computing technologies and their applications.

Combining Strategy and Execution       

Vetrei delivers on the following strategic business needs:

Business Growth

Technology Evaluation

Financial Analysis

Launch New Businesses

 Market Research


Expand Existing Business 

 Competitive Analysis


Develop Strategic Alliances

 Gap AnalysisMergers & Acquisitions

Through its extensive network of professionals and businesses, Vetrei assists clients with the following execution needs:

Business Development



Build the Ecosystem

Market Research and Planning

Strategy Consultants

Establish Strategic Alliances and Early Adopters

Value Proposition

Marketing Professionals

Identify investors and potential acquirers

Collateral Development
Technical and Marketing Writers