Vetrei - Ensuring Your Success

Strategic Services

Business Growth

We provide a comprehensive strategic framework to consider and evaluate  growth strategies. This framework can be used to launch a new business, expand a current business, or establish complementary strategic partnerships.

Technology Evaluation

Vetrei critically examines innovative, disruptive technologies and determines their market potential. We develop unique insight by analyzing the market and competition, and by identifying opportunistic gaps.

Financial Analysis

Our custom financial framework values technology businesses by marrying traditional valuation approaches (P/E, ROI, IRR, NPV, etc.) with procedures customized to value intangibles like unique intellectual property, first-mover advantage, and exit through a future merger or acquisition.

Execution Services

Business Development

Vetrei will work with you to develop your business ecosystem of partners and strategic customers. Leveraging our extensive cross-industry network of influencers and contacts, we will help you establish strategic alliances and build a customer base. We will also provide you introductions to potential investors and acquirers to fulfill your capital needs.


Our staff will help you with developing and executing your go-to-market plan including developing a value proposition for your target markets. Through our extensive network of marketing partners, we will develop compelling collateral that articulates the value of your unique technology and capability to the target audience.


We have access to a diverse, highly-skilled network of consultants and professionals who can help you refine your business strategies and marketing plans, as well as develop your unique technology.