Vetrei - Ensuring Your Success


Vetrei partners with technology, marketing, financial, sales, and services providers to deliver unsurpassed value and results to our clients. We develop strategic solutions to help our joint clients to:

  • Create and execute a strategic vision and plan
  • Build and launch innovative products and services faster
  • Grow business through technology alliances and channels
  • Analyze and outflank competitors
  • Perform due-diligence on technology ventures
  • Ensure IP protection through patents and licensing
  • Better leverage resources and reduce cost by strategic outsourcing

For more information, contact us at 1-203-205-0705, or send us an email

Current Partners Include

IP Procure Inc. is an intellectual property firm focused on obtaining patents for inventions. The rapid technological advances in the past two decades has driven the need for technology domain focused patent firms. The IP Procure Inc. patent filing team is specialized in the technology sector, covering the entire gamut of services from patent search to patent filing, prosecution and procurement.

Infina Global Inc. is a U.S. corporation that provides quality software and engineering outsourcing services to clients throughout the world. Infina leverages the latest in information technology and business practices to enable the “Global Resource Model” of services delivery so our clients can take advantage of the global economy for their success. This proven business model enables around-the-clock product and project development.

Altech Imaging and Computing (AI&C) specializes in Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition based systems. AI&C focuses on developing cutting edge systems to serve client needs for enhanced security, identity validation and customer service by providing access control and monitoring, facial, and speaker recognition.